Children's Awards Friday 6th July 2018

This fortnights awards are...

Star Pupil Award

Every fortnight a child from each class is nominated by their teacher to receive the Star of the Week Award.  This could be for outstanding behaviour or for excellent work.  The awards are presented during our celebration assembly on Fridays.  Parents with children who are receiving an award will be sent a text message by the school office informating them.


Class 1 - Sienna Burke for always being really helpful.


Class 2 - Logan Greaves for always making good choices.


Class 3 - Ava McNally for excellent effort and progress in all areas.


Class 4 - Lacy Greaves for showing initiative and maturity.

Star Writers

Every fortnight one child from each class will be selected to receive our Star Writer Award.  Their class teachers chooses a piece of work which reflects excellence in a particular aspect of writing.


Class 1 - Tristan Burns for a fantastic African story.


Class 2 - Rihanna Clarke for a super nonsense poem.


Class 3 - Emily Bertram for a great recount.


Class 4 - Josh Vickers for an excellent playscript.

The Smartest Pupil Award

Every fortnight a child from each class is awarded the Smartest Dressed Pupil Award for a smart, tidy and clean appearance.


Class 1 - Noah Bray Butterworth


Class 2 - Jack Roberts


Class 3 - Katie-Rose Hoskins


Class 4 - Jasmine Reid

Star Mathematician Award

This award is presented fortnightly at our celebration assembly.

It is awarded to pupils who have:

a) excelled in Numeracy,

b) achieved more than was expected of

c) tried their hardest through the fortnight.

It is hoped that the award will contribute to raising standards in Numeracy across the school.


Class 1 - Caelan Ringer for good problem solving.


Class 2 - Alfie Fletcher for great work on 2D and 3D shapes.


Class 3 - William Sever for excellent work on triangles.


Class 4 - Viktoria Tribulecz for challenging herself.

Lunchtime Awards

This award is from the midday supervisors for excellent behaviour at lunchtime.  One child from each class is awarded this during our celebration assembly on Fridays.


Class 1 - Noah Bray Butterworth for respecting everyone and everything.


Class 2 - Melody Goldfinch for doing well eating lunch.


Class 3 - William Sever for lovely manners.


Class 4 - Olivia Hindle for being helpful and reliable.

Sports Awards

These are awarded every fortnight by our external sport provider leaders.


Jasmine Reid - for excellent gymnastics and great listening.

Miya Burke  - for excellent team leadership and gymnastics.

Harry Richardson - for excellent sportsmanship.

Attendance Award

Awarded to the class with the highest attendance over the previous week. 

Class 1

Tidy Classroom Award

Our caretaker awards this to the class who have kept their classroom clean and tidy all week.

Class 2