Behaviour and Discipline

Good behaviour and discipline are key foundations of good education. Without an orderly atmosphere, effective teaching and learning cannot take place" DfE Circular 8/94.

At St Agnes today we are just as concerned about discipline as staff in the past would have been, but we see discipline in the school as more than simply doing as you are told, although that is necessary from time to time. Every school must operate within a framework of order and some rules if children are to be safe and have opportunities for learning. The fundamental rule in this school is that everyone in the school, staff and pupils alike, shall behave with consideration and respect for all other members of the community. The teachers work to help children to establish self-discipline, and to see the need to be orderly, considerate to others and honest. This is not always easy for the teacher to do - it involves giving children the opportunity to exercise self-discipline and supporting them while they learn how to manage themselves. It needs to be done in an atmosphere that encourages success, where praise and encouragement are used more than rebuke and sanctions.

St Agnes Great Expectations

The ‘St Agnes Great Expectations’ reinforce all of the above and build upon our aims and ethos, making it a happy place to be.

The expectations are designed around a rainbow and are as follows -

1. Be Safe - Red

2. Respect everyone and everything - Violet

3. Co-operate - Indigo

4. Use appropriate language - Blue

5. Be in the right place at the right time - Orange

6. Handle your emotions - Green

7. Do your best – Yellow

Click to Download St Agnes School Great Expectations [pdf 404KB] Click to Download

Very occasionally, young children forget our aims and expectations for good behaviour, and may be inconsiderate to others. We try to prevent this from happening by noticing good behaviour and reminding pupils of the school aims.

Should there be persistent misbehaviour of any kind the parents of the child concerned are asked to discuss the situation with the Headteacher and staff.

We believe parental consultation and involvement to be the most effective way forward.

Please click on the link below to visit our policies page and download a copy of the Behaviour and Disciple Policy and our Kinder Kids Policy.

School Policy Documents