St Agnes School Admissions 2017-18

Arrangement for Visiting School

Parents are encouraged to visit and look round the school with their child prior to admission. We hold an open day in October for parents to visit the school.  If for any reason you can not attend our open day any parent can make arrangements to visit by contacting the Headteacher.


Admissions to St Agnes

Children are normally admitted to the school in September of the school year in which they become five years of age.  Parents are asked to register the names of their children to the school as early as possible if they wish to be admitted the following September.

Fifteen children are admitted each September into the Reception class. The School’s Eligibility Criteria, as agreed by the Governing Body which will only be taken into account if the school is oversubscribed.

The infant children who are due to start school in the September are invited to come to school on two afternoons in the preceding term to meet the teachers, to acquaint themselves with their fellow pupils, and to find their way about the school.


Oldham Council School Admissions

The Oldham Council website provides parents/ guardians with copies of all application forms (allocation and in-year transfer forms / appeal forms etc) for parents whose children are resident in Oldham, to download.

Please click on the link below to visit the admissions website.

Oldham Council Primary Admissions website