Dovestones Learning Partnership DLP 'Stronger Together for our Pupils'

The Dovestone Learning Partnership was officially created on 1st October 2017 and is Oldham’s first shared Co-operative Trust. Made up of nine schools across Saddleworth and Lees, we have joined together to form this partnership, as a collaborative force to drive standards and aspirations.

After consulting with parents, children, staff, governors and the community, Delph Primary School, Diggle Primary School and Knowsley Junior School set up the charitable trust.

Christ Church C of E Primary, in Denshaw; Friezland Primary; Saddleworth High; St Agnes CE Primary; Greenfield St Mary’s C of E Primary and St Thomas’ Leesfield C of E Primary, in Lees, are also partners.

We aim to work together to improve opportunities for our children, families and our communities.

It is an exciting time for all of the schools involved and a fantastic opportunity to share expertise and outstanding practice, enhance staff development, explore financial efficiencies and create the very best educational opportunities for our young people.

We have already achieved a lot and have exciting plans for the future of our trust.

DLP Newsletters 

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Our Vision

That we are leading the way in education for Oldham children and young people enabling them to enjoy learning and achieve well.

To achieve our vision we will ensure:

• The community is passionate about learning.

• Everyone’s point of view is heard and appreciated.

• A relevant curriculum is engaging, inspiring and challenging for all learners.

• Children and young people experience excellent learning and teaching enabling them to thrive and flourish within a vibrant, happy, inclusive and safe learning environment.

• The adults employed to work with them are valued and challenged to be the best they can be.


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Our Values

Dovestone Learning Partnership is founded on the values of respect, trust and solidarity together with a passion for education.  For our church schools this is also embedded in the Christian faith. 

We are a group of schools that celebrate our individual character.  Our schools may have different systems, pedagogies and cultures, but we understand the need to focus on learning and the impact of teaching to improve outcomes for our children and young people. Together we will endeavour to ensure that our children and young people receive a rich variety of learning. This commitment to developing a high quality curriculum, delivered by well trained, effective teaching and support staff, and the sharing of expertise is at the heart of our vision.

Our Aims

 The overarching aims of the Dovestone Learning Partnership are:

     To enable distinctive, aspirational schools

     To encourage innovation and inspired decision making

     To build capacity, resilience and determination

     To develop strong leadership, governance and accountability

     To strengthen cross-phase working and transition

     To enable wider opportunities for all within the school community and beyond

     To share expertise and best practice across our schools

     To provide exciting and relevant CPD opportunities for staff

     To support the well-being of pupils, staff and wider school community

     To deliver long term sustainability through efficiencies and savings, that release resources to improve the rate of progress for all pupils

Measureable Outcomes and Impacts

Improved outcomes for all children, every child expected to make progress at least in line with, and for many above, national expectations

Every school will be well led, and effectively governed

All staff are motivated to self-improve and aspire to excellence

All schools are to be judged good or better following Inspections

Schools will be valued by their community

Responsibility and Accountability

Dovestone Learning Partnership is a group of schools bound together by:

• A commitment towards the common vision through embracing the core values

• A commitment to develop and strengthen a culture of collaboration

• Boards of Governors that support inspiring, individual excellence for all learners across the partnership and adhere to the legal

responsibilities expected

• An expectation that all schools within the partnership will contribute to school to school support whilst maintaining focus on delivering

a high quality provision within our own organisation.

• Drive and enthusiasm to keep moving forward for the benefit of children and young people and the whole school community

• A will to take responsibility for the future of the schools within the partnership including taking difficult, meaningful and timely decisions.



Please see the documentation below for more information.


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Come and join our trust

How can you be involved?

Our Partnership is a membership trust and we are keen to build an active group of members who can contribute to the DLP and support us in our vision and aims.

Pupils, staff and parents/carers are automatically members of our co-operative. For our potential community partners there is a requirement to actively join. We have a genuine commitment to our community being able to help shape the work we do as a Partnership.

For more information, please get in touch with any of the schools involved or email Julie Bowdidge, DLP Trust facilitator at:

Click to Download DLP Membership Leaflet [pdf 729KB] Click to Download
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