ST Agnes Rallying Support S.T.A.R.S.

S.T.A.R.S is our Parent Teachers Association group, which was set up by an enthusiastic  band of parents and teachers, which over the years has grown from strength to strength.  The group has organised many fund raising events over the years, which has allowed St Agnes school to purchase many items which are beneficial and educational to the children.  The group of committed parents continue to volunteer there services whether it be time, ideas, or talent for many years to come.


Upcoming Events

STARS are always looking for new ways to raise money. If you have any ideas for new ways to raise money for your children STARS. 

Anyone is welcome to attend our meetings to give ideas or become part of the STARS team.

If you cannot attend but want to contribute please let Mrs Bayley or Sarah Seel know your ideas.

Put these dates in your diary and more information will be sent out soon.

Come and Join Us

Help needed at events may include...

-  Bringing new ideas

-  Shopping for items needed

-  Making tea/coffee

-  Selling tickets

- Setting up shops (Christmas/Mothers Day Sales)

-  Selling items to students

-  Wrapping gifts

-  Collecting raffle prizes

-  Supporting and promoting events

-  Planning activities

-  Co-ordinating events

-  Tidying up


Please contact Sarah Seel by email:

Other Ways to Raise Money

Empties Please

Our aim is to help schools raise funds and to encourage the next generation to get greener! We will collect your used printer cartridges and donate the money raised straight back to your school.

The Empties Please bin is in the main reception area outside the school office.


School Funds

A chance for parents to purchase online while also helping to raise funds for extra educational equipment.

School Funds website