Providing Support at Home

Please read below to learn how you can support your child with literacy and maths.  Our school guides are also available below.

Guided Reading

Reading is an essential part of your child’s education and being able to read is a very important life skill. Reading at home is of utmost importance to help your child’s progress in Reading. Learning to read is about reading words but also understanding what has been read and it is very beneficial to read with your child throughout their Primary education.

Here are some tips about how to read effectively with your child and how to make it a worthwhile activity no matter what age your child is. We have also developed some questions that could be asked to your child to further their understanding of the book they are reading.


Help your child to enjoy reading each day by making it part of the family routine. A short daily session without distractions is better than an occasional long one.


Find a comfortable place where you and the child can enjoy reading together. Switch off the TV and ask other family members to be quiet for a few minutes. Keep favourite books in a place where they can easily be found and visit the library and bookshops to look at other reading material.

With whom?

Reading time is quality time for whoever is involved. There is no need for your child to read with the same adult every day. By talking with different family members or friends about his or her reading, your child will learn to enjoy a range of books. By understanding their own likes and dislikes and discussing them, children learn to respect the preferences of others.


Help your child to enjoy reading by encouraging good expression and by discussing the content. Support other reading opportunities such as those offered by posters, word books, word games (I spy, Scrabble), computer software, CD-ROMs, read-along story CDs and tapes, hand-held electronic spellcheckers and activity books that are matched to your child’s interests and help with group work in school.


Reading daily will help encourage your child to establish a regular habit of reading and discussing the book and will lead to your child making good progress in their reading skills.

In school we believe reading is equally important.

Class 1 and 2 will read individually with a teacher or learning support assistant at least once a week and receive a daily 30 minute phonics and reading session.

Class 3 and 4 will be read individually with a teacher or learning support assistant at least once a fortnight and will receive a daily 30 minute reading session and a guided reading session once a week. In addition to this from September Class 3 and 4 will also bring home a new reading record for parents and staff to record individual reading sessions.