End of Year Awards 2017

Sport Day Trophy - York

House Point Shield - Tudor

100% Attendance Awards – Thomas Ashton Harry Atkinson Evie Cocker Rosie Cocker Jessica Cocker Charlie Cunliffe Caleb Doran Isabella Holcroft Alexander Platt Liam Ridsdale Joshua White Finlay Williams Leo Williams Olivia Winterburn

EYFS Award - Logan Greaves                                                         

Key Stage One All Rounder - Katie Hoskins    

Key Stage Two All Rounder - Jade McCombie   

Fergus Reynolds - ‘Excellence in ICT’ - Caleb Doran

Art Award - ‘For Excellence in Art’ - Poppy Ogden                          

‘Positive Contribution to Sport’  - Jessica Cocker

Positive Behaviour - Carys Lomax

Lynne Burnley Award for Music - Kizzy Bishop-Shorrock

Westfield Award - ‘Courtesy and Consideration’ - Millie Kenway

Pride of St Agnes - Bethany Jones

Carl Bacon Football Award - Charlie Cunliffe

Handwriting Award - Kate Thompson

Star of the Year Award - Darcie Sharpe  

Jill Barrass Award - ‘Positive Contribution to the Life of St Agnes’ - Ellie Ashton

Debbie Taylor – Striving to Achieve – Isabelle Davis-Rice

Slater’s Steps to Success – Leo Williams

St Agnes Self Belief – Lauren Robinson

Groves Trophy for Excellence in Dance  - Katie Boyle