Communication with Parents

Parents’ Evening

In addition to the numerous informal occasions when parents are invited into school to view activities - at plays, sports days, and services - there are formal occasions when parents have the opportunity to discuss the child's all-round progress. In the Autumn Term all parents will be invited into school to have discussions with the class teacher. A further Parents Evening is held in the Spring Term. You will also receive a written report towards the end of the Summer term and an invitation to discuss this with the class teacher.

Please do not feel that these are the only times you may come and talk to teachers. Do contact us if ever you would like to talk to the staff. Appointments can be arranged easily for 3.15 pm or shortly after.

Parents’ Newsletter

We try to be as efficient as possible by passing on to parents regular information every week in our newsletter called the ‘FRIDAY NOTE’. This contains school information, forthcoming events and other items of interest.

Curriculum Information Sheet

Each half term parents are sent a Curriculum Information Sheet and a year group target sheet, which sets out the work their child / children are to undertake. We feel that this is not only informative but also enables parents and carers to plan for visits to the library or research suitable web pages and partake in activities, with their children to enhance learning.

School Website

The school website provides an essential form of communication with parents.  We use the school website to:

  • Communicate with parents by providing electronic copies of key documentation
  • Displaying and celebrating students work and achievements
  • Providing information on homework and current class topics on a half termly basis
  • Direct parents and pupils to other resources on the web
  • Provide a forum for school news and calendar of events
  • Inform people who don't know much about the school (such as prospective parents or people who are considering moving into the area, other community members and teachers seeking employment) to its current events and general culture
  • Showcase excellence within our school across the whole school curriculum and enrichment activities
  • Provide a platform for school learning activities with a range of topic resources mapped directly to your child's learning in school
  • Provide information about the National Curriculum and the school curriculum by subject for a given year
  • provide information about school regulations, rules, standards and expectations
  • Creating and expressing a 'school identity'.

Parents’ Help

Parents and family helpers are welcome into school to help in a variety of ways. These include baking, craft activities, accompanying on school visits and transporting to sporting or other social fixtures. These are valued contributions to our schoolwork. If you can help please let us know.

Complaints Procedure

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Key Contacts

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