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Our Vision Intent

At St Agnes music education is based on the concept that music is an essential part of life and integral in the development of the whole child. The quality of life is improved by physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth experiences through a meaningful, sequential study in music.  We believe music education engages learners in developing self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, creativity, and self-motivation necessary for success.  At St Agnes Primary School music plays an important role in increasing our children’s emotional well-being and confidence. We aim to provide a sense of enjoyment and a positive attitude that inspires pupils to develop a love of music (using different genres eg Reggae, Classical, Gospel), sing, play instruments, musical composition and learn musical notation. We want children to develop a passion for music through fun, enjoyment and an appreciation of existing musical pieces through singing, composition plus using and experimenting with a variety of musical instruments.


Music is used to unite our school and children come together daily to sing and explore different styles of music, through celebration and praise in our daily collective worship.  The children are taught music through two week topic based learning in which the children develop their skills, attitudes, knowledge and key vocabulary linked to the National Curriculum objectives and develop their ‘sticky learning’ to help them remember the skills they have learnt. Each class has a term of specialist teaching from Oldham Music service in which Mrs Huckfield, a skilled musician, teaches the children a range of knowledge and skills linked to the National Curriculum. The children love her enthusiasm and skills that promote high standards and aspiration. She also works closely with the rest of the staff to improve their musical knowledge and raise standards throughout school. Through our teaching of music any exceeding child is sign posted to extra-curricular music lessons, we are currently sourcing additional string and brass tuition for talented children. Children develop skills in singing, playing a range of instruments and composing. Every child from Year 1 upwards learns to play the recorder so that they can develop confidence with an instrument, learn to read notes from a stave and perform tunes and melodies. EYFS children develop their love of music through daily ‘dough disco’ and ‘flipper flapper’ learning to link music and rhythm to writing and fine motor skills development.  We have a thriving school choir and the children have the opportunities to perform at half termly Eucharist services, annual Nativities, St Agnes’ Talent show, an end of year performance and singing at Ashbourne House (our local care-home). The children are also given the opportunity to take part in extra-curricular clubs that enhance their musical skills. Handbells is an age old tradition at St Agnes and the children are taught skills and teamwork which enables them to perform. The Dovestone Learning Partnership also offers the children the opportunity to take part in extra-curricular clubs to enhance their musical skills. So far these have comprise of Opera performances (Carmen) and a Brass Band all made up of keen children from our ten schools. Through our teaching of music any exceeding child is sign-posted to outside extra-curricular music lessons (usually Oldham Music Centre). 


Music is an integral part of our school life and we aim to give the children the skills and appreciation to enable them to access any form of music as they continue their educational journey. We will embed the importance of study and practice to enable musical skills and passion to be developed.  Our topic based curriculum enables children to learn about the subject of music and instruments and then to ensure music and other area of the curriculum and skills are embedded through our ‘sticky learning’ and hidden curriculum. Our specialist music teacher enables the children to be engaged in their music and all children are given the opportunity to develop their skills.