Modern Foreign Language - French

At St Agnes we incorporate language learning into everyday school life through songs, taking the register in French and using the language in many other subjects.

Learning a modern foreign language at school aids the development of various skills, including literacy and information and communication technology, as well as giving children greater cultural awareness.

The integration of French into everyday school life enables children to see French as a living language.

Children find learning French exciting, their confidence has increased in experimenting with different sounds, and they have become more technically aware as we use the internet and video-conferencing to aid learning.

Additional Provision

Mrs. Minehan from Saddleworth schoool will be delivery the sessions on Wednesday mornings. The children will be looking at French culture, classroom essentials and will be given the opportunity to speak French as much as possible.  



French Resources

Please click on the picture link to visit our Learning Zone pages about French.