Class 4 Gallery of Events 2021-22

Take a look at some of the great things we have been doing in Class 4.

Rebecca Adlington Visit - April 2022

On Thursday we were fortunate enough to have Rebecca Adlington (Olympic Swimming Gold Medalist) visit us. We learnt lots about her, including that she was 19 when she first went to the Olympics in Beijing and she retired when she was 23. She brought in her gold and bronze Olympic medals for us to look at, the children were fascinated by them. They were then given the opportunity to ask Rebecca questions. She spoke about how important it is to persevere, even if we feel like we want to give up if we are struggling with something. We feel very lucky that we were able to meet her!

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Dodgeball Tournament - March 2022

Six of the Class 4 children took part in the DLP dodgeball tournament, competing against four other schools. They played a round robin of games and they beat every school; winning the competition! 

World Book Day - March 2022

These are our Class 4 World Book Day pictures. The children came to school as their favourite fairytale or fantasy character. They had to work together in groups to solve a reading escape room... otherwise they would have to stay in school...FOREVER!

Chester Zoo - February 2022

Class 4 pictures from trip to Chester Zoo as part of our animals including humans science topic. The children had a great time at the zoo and enjoyed seeing the different animals and their habitats. The class loved the penguins and came back with a new Class 4 mascot, who will be named by the children. They also saw orang-utans, gibbons, Komodo dragons and many more!

Chester Zoo - February 2022


Country Music Topic - January 2022

Class 4 performing their own rendition of Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 in small groups as part of our country music topic.  Also big groups of children finding the beat to different country music songs, including some by John Denver, Taylor Swift and Jonny Cash.


Aladdin - December 2021

We watched the pantomime Aladdin and it gave us inspiration for our Twisted Tales topic.

Decorating the Tree - December 2021

The children decorating the school Christmas tree, everyone brings a bauble and everyone takes a bauble home at the end of term. 

Reindeer Experience - December 2021

We have some of the children enjoying a reindeer experience at school, in which the children could meet the reindeers and learnt lots of facts about them! 

Fairytale Shoes - December 2021

The children have been upcycling and making their fairytale shoes as part of our Twisted Tales D.T topic.

Macbeth Performance - November 2021

Sonnet performance in church from Macbeth topic.

Timestable Rockstars - November 2021

TT rockstars dress up day to encourage chlldren to learn their timestables.

Baking - November 2021

Baking with Mrs. Langton for Design Technology.

Beyonce Maths - November 2021

Year 5 Maths doing multiplication like Beyonce.

Picasso Portraits - November 2021

Picasso cut out portraits from our art topic.

Class 4 Football Team - November 2021

Cross Country Competition - October 2021

The children took part in a Cross Country competition with some of the other DLP schools (St Mary's Greenfield, Delph and Diggle) at Churchill Playing Fields. Each child perservered and finished the race even if they were tired and wanted to give up.

Self Defense - October 2021

The children have been visited by Sensei Georgia and learnt some self defense moves to help keep them safe in the real world.

Water Cycle - October 2021

As part of their geography topic the children have made the water cycle in a bag and been building and testing their own dams.

Text Analysis - October 2021

The children have also been working in groups to compare different texts and analyse their similarities and differences.


Science Experiment: Separating Materials - September 2021

We have been learning how to be scientists discovering how to successfully separate materials.

Music Lesson - September 2021

We have completed a music topic which included a visit from Mr. Bayley. 

Our New Vicar - September 2021

We met our new vicar Mrs Lynn Woodall.

Maths Lesson - September 2021