Class 4 Gallery of Events 2022-23

Take a look at some of the great things we have been doing in Class 4.

Business Challenge - June 2023

As part of our Business Challenge, our sales team led a drama workshop. This was to help improve our selling skills to encourage parents to buy our products.

Coding - May 2023

As part of our Coding topic, the children worked in pairs to create a dance on the laptop.

Street Art - May 2023

For our Street Art topic, we had a go at spray painting. We mixed paint and water in spray bottles to imitate the use of spray paints.

The Coronation - May 2023

For King Charles III coronation we had afternoon tea in the hall and watched a video of Queen Elizabeth's coronation to see what a coronation looks like.

People of Faith - April 2023

For our People of Faith topic, we worked in groups to research our chosen person and how their faith impacted their life. We were able to choose from Martain Luther King Jr, Malala Yousafzai, Dalai Lama, Kamala Harris and Mahatma Ghandi.

Living in the Wider World - April 2023

For our Living in the Wider World topic we completed a mini Duke of Edinburgh award. One of the tasks was to complete 100 laps of the playground in memory of Captain Sir Tom Moore, the children gave a brilliant effort!


Health and Wellbeing - March 2023

We looked at the United Nations rights of a child and discussed them in our groups.


Litter Pick - March 2023

As part of service week, each class did a litter pick and tidy up around the playground.


Peter Thorpe Artwork - March 2023

As part of our Peter Thorpe topic, each child made their own Peter Thorpe inspired artwork. They were out of this world!


Fire Safety Talk - March 2023

Firefighters from Lees Road Fire Station came in to give a fire safety talk to the children. They then got to look at the fire engine and each had a go at spraying the hose.

Space - March 2023

To introduce our Space topic we did a life-size version of the solar system with children representing the different planets and how they moved.


Ancient Greeks - February 2023

As part of our Ancient Greeks topic the children made replica Trojan War catapults and also tried some Greek food.


St Agnes Bake Off - February 2023

The children spent an afternoon with Mrs Langton making biscuits as part of our St Agnes Bake Off topic. They learnt about ratio and how it is used in baking.



Fairtrade – January 2023

As part of our Geography topic on trade and economics the children tasted Fairtrade bananas and chocolate against normal branded bananas and chocolate to see if they could taste the difference. Some of the children had never experienced plain chocolate before and found it quite surprising.

Character Options Toy Factory - January 2023

These pictures are from Class 4’s visit to Character Options Toy Factory in Lees, the staff were wonderful with the children and showed them around the factory.  The children got to sit in the boardroom, see prototypes of future toys and see how the structure of a business operates in real life.  Miss Pilling and Mrs Butterworth had a go at operating a fork lift truck round a palette track.
The factory were kind enough to send the children home with a gift each and 4 lucky children won prizes in the business quiz!

Robinwood - January 2023

Year 6 had an amazing time, conquered their fears, made new friends and made us all very proud.

A Christmas Carol - December 2022

Children acting out scenes from A Christmas Carol as part of our Drama topic.

Peppermint Creams - December 2022

Christmas Cards - December 2022

We had great fun making Christmas cards for our families.

Christmas Party - December 2022

Children enjoying their Christmas party.

Vikings and Anglo-Saxons - November 2022

We researched different Viking Gods and learnt about polytheism. We also had a visit from Olaf the Viking, he showed us how Vikings lived, the children had a battle and then listened to the story of Ragnarok around the fire.

More Vikings and Saxons - November 2022

More fun...

Experience Harvest - October 2022

Black History Topic: 100 Great Black Britons - October 2022

The children created something based on a person off the 100 Great Black Britons list. They made items, posters and videos to celebrate the achievements of famous Black British people who are often under represented in history.

The Americas Topic - October 2022

The children used an atlas to locate the countries of North and South America. They then had to write these onto their own maps.


Fantastic Beasts for Design Technology - September 2022

The children used modelling clay, chicken wire, paper maiche and different mediums to create texture in their hybrid animals. They were inspired by modern animals and mythology. The children had to adapt and evaluate their designs.

French Fashion - September 2022

As part of our French topic on CoCo Chanel the children took some fashion photographs, showcasing different items of clothing. They completed the week with a catwalk.

Maths Lesson - September 2022