Class 3


Our Teacher: Mr Taylor

Learning Assistants: Mrs M Guest and Mrs L Greaves.

In our class there are 15 Year 3 children and 15 Year 4 children.

Our Classroom

In the classroom we all have our seats which are set up in the best way to support us while keeping us safe.  Our walls all have useful information to aid us with our mathematics and grammar. We also have a range of different resources which we use on a daily basis to enhance our learning. During all our different lessons we also like to use the outside environment to take our learning outside of the classroom.  

In our class we do lots of different learning. We do small focussed group learning, independent learning, and learning all together. This helps us to do our best and enjoy being in our class. 

Our Day

In the morning we enter to complete handwriting and then start Guided Reading. We then move on to Mathematics and then Topic. Topic time includes subjects such as Science, P.E, Art, Computing, Geography and History. English is taught through these topics. We continue Topic in the afternoons and may take part in additional PE activities or swimming. On Tuesday mornings we also learn RE during class worship.

Curriculum Long Term Planning

Please access the document below to see the content of the presentation.

Click to Download Class 3 Long Term Planning Cycle 1 - 2021-22 [pdf 135KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Year 3 Mathematics Curriculum Overview [pdf 135KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Year 4 Mathematics Curriculum Overview [pdf 133KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Class 3 Religious Education Curriculum [pdf 44KB] Click to Download

Curriculum Information Sheets 2021-22

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Click to Download Class 3 Summer 2 Curriculum Information Sheet 2022 [pdf 109KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Class 3 Summer 1 Curriculum Information Sheet 2022 [pdf 111KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Class 3 Spring 2 Curriculum Information Sheet 2022 [pdf 109KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Class 3 Spring 1 Curriculum Information Sheet 2022 [pdf 112KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Class 3 Autumn 2 Curriculum Information Sheet 2021 [pdf 106KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Class 3 Autumn 1 Curriculum Information Sheet 2021 [pdf 136KB] Click to Download

Summer Term Second Half Topic Resources

Please click on the links to access resources to support our topics outlined in the Curriculum Information Sheets.

External Link Icon Plant Life Cycles
External Link Icon L S Lowry

Times Table Rock Stars

Please visit the website by clicking on the picture link and login.  If you need help to login please contact your child's class teacher.

Class 3 Recommended Reading List

As a school, we want to promote reading for pleasure and enthuse your child about reading.  The following recommendations represent a range of genres which we hope will encourage your child’s desire to read.  We have chosen a range of texts, from a variety of authors, with an excellent record of accomplishment in writing high quality children’s books.
As your child reads a book from the list please ask them to record this in their planner and discuss the book with their class teacher, they will be given a sticker to show that they have read it. We also encourage you to listen to your children read and also read to them.  The discussion that you can have related to the books will be invaluable to their reading development.
Some of the books can be found in the classroom, and your child is welcome to borrow these. You may need to resource others from the library or borrow from one another.
There is an expectation that a minimum of six books, from the list, are read over the course of the academic year. This equates to at least one per half term. It would be fantastic if your child could read more than this. Your child may read from the book list of a younger year group if they are less confident with reading.

Please select the document below.

Click to Download ST AGNES YEAR 3 AND 4 RECOMMENDED READING LIST [pdf 212KB] Click to Download

Things to Remember - Summer Term Second Half

Planners must be in school every day and signed at the end of each week by a parent/carer. Any notes that you may have for a member of staff can be written in as they are checked daily. These are also used as a reading record to log when you have read with your child at home. The children can write in when they have read their book by themselves, however it must be signed by an adult.

PE days:  Wednesdays and Thursdays

PE will take place on Wednesday and Thursday this half term. The children will continue to practice their Athletic skills ready for Sports Day such as running, jumping and throwing skills. They will also recap many of the essential and universal skills needed to play a range of invasion games, such as dodging, dribbling, passing and marking an opponent as well as working as part of a team. Pupils needs to have both indoor and outdoor PE kit available. Outdoor PE kit should not be used indoor.

Homework will be sent out half-termly to be returned to school each week to be checked. We will also be sending home weekly spellings and multiplications to learn and practice every Friday.

Guided Reading takes place daily in Class 3 but pupils will still be given a home reading book to read with parents and carers. Pupils must inform an adult in the class when their reading book needs changing, and this will be checked and a new one issued. Every day children may be expected to read each day so school reading diaries should be in bags.

Year 4 - Multiplication Tables Check

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