Class 1

Reception 2022-23

Our class is the Reception class and we have just started school.

Our Teacher:  Mrs C Pook

Learning Assistant: Mrs A Rainsford 

In our class there are 15 children.

Our Classroom

In our classroom we have lots of different areas to support us in our learning. In Reception we learn through play based learning and  we selec activities for ourselves which enables us to become more independent.
We have sand and water play, an imaginative role play area (which can be a princess castle, home corner or campsite - depending on our topic!) small world imaginatuve play, a painting and craft area where we use our creativty to produce some amazing models, writing area and Maths area.  We also engage in lots of fine motor activities which help to develop the muscles in our hands to prepare us for writing such as playdoh, threading and peg boards.
Our construction resources are also very popular, we love building towers using Duplo!
We have a class bear called ‘Everywhere Bear’ and he is taken home by a member of the class each week. The lucky person takes photographs, draws picture or writes what they have done with him and this is then shared with the rest of the class.

Outdoor Learning

We love learning outdoor whatever the weather and we access a range of outdoor provison in our Magic Garden. We We love getting messy in the mud kitchen, engaging in sand and water play,drawing and colouring, gardening,  practising our throwing and catching skills, building dens, playing hide and seek and participating in treasure hunts!  We also have our very own play house that enables us to engage in imaginative role play opportunities. We also use the bikes and scooters regularly. 


Our Day

We follow the EYFS curriculum which is made up of 7 areas of learning, We learn lots of new skills through indoor and outdoor continuous provision. We focus on a range of skills such as sharing and turn taking, learning how to dress ourselves and developing our communication and language skills.

In our class we participate in small group work and in whole class sessions. We learn lots of new skills like Phonics where we learn to read and write and we also do lots of practical number work using Numicon which aids us to develop our knowledge of numbers to 20.

Early Years Foundation Stage New Framework 

Please click on the picture link to view the new government framework for children in Reception Class.  This framework outlines the standards that school and childcare providers must meet for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5.

Phonics at St Agnes

At St Agnes we use a phonics Scheme called Essential Letters and Sounds (ELS).  To find out more about how phonics is taught at school and how you can help, please click on the picture link.

Curriculum Long Term Planning 

Please select the relevant document from the list below.

Click to Download Class 1 Curriculum Overview - Cycle 2 - Long Term Planning 2022-23 [pdf 410KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Class 1 Curriculum Overview - Cycle 1 - Long Term Planning 2021-22 [pdf 104KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Class 1 Religious Education Curriculum [pdf 130KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Class 1 Autumn Term First Half - Literacy Curriculum Overview 2022 [pdf 433KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Class 1 Autumn Term First Half - Numeracy Curriculum Overview 2022 [pdf 449KB] Click to Download

Curriculum Information Sheets 2022-23

Please select the relevant document from the list below.

Click to Download Class 1 Spring Term Second Half Curriculum Information Sheet 2023 [pdf 128KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Class 1 Spring Term First Half Curriculum Information Sheet 2023 [pdf 113KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Class 1 Autumn Term Second Half Curriculum Information Sheet 2022 [pdf 492KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Class 1 Autumn Term First Half Curriculum Information Sheet 2022 [pdf 110KB] Click to Download

Spring Term Second Half Topic Resources

Please click on the picture links to access resources to support our topics outlined in the Curriculum Information Sheets.

Room on the Broom

Class 1 Recommended Reading

As a school, we want to promote reading for pleasure and enthuse your child about reading.  The following recommendations represent a range of genres which we hope will encourage your child’s desire to read.  We have chosen a range of texts, from a variety of authors, with an excellent record of accomplishment in writing high quality children’s books.
As your child reads a book from the list please ask them to record this in their planner and discuss the book with their class teacher, they will be given a sticker to show that they have read it. We also encourage you to listen to your children read and also read to them.  The discussion that you can have related to the books will be invaluable to their reading development.
Some of the books can be found in the classroom, and your child is welcome to borrow these. You may need to resource others from the library or borrow from one another.
There is an expectation that a minimum of six books, from the list, are read over the course of the academic year. This equates to at least one per half term. It would be fantastic if your child could read more than this. 

Please select the document below.

Click to Download ST AGNES CLASS 1 RECEPTION RECOMMENDED READING LIST [pdf 339KB] Click to Download

Things to Remember - Spring Term Second Half

Red school planners need to be in school each day so they can be checked.

Red sound and number folders needs to be in school bags each day so they can be updated when a new sound or number is added.

PE Friday Afternoon – The focus of our P.E sessions this half term will be Ball Skills (throwing catching, and controlling the ball) This will enable children to develop their gross motor skills. In addition, children will also continue to access outdoor provision in the morning and afternoon. Please could your child send in a pair of black jogging bottoms and trainers in preparation for outdoor P.E.

Children may be expected to read each day so school reading books should be in red bags.

Star badges must be worn on uniform each day.

Rewards and Recognition

In our class we get stars for our good behaviour we are all in different houses and when we get a star we take it to our house, we try really hard to get stars because if our house gets the most stars at the end of the year we get to go on a trip. We wear different coloured star badges to represent which house we are in and we wear these with pride. We receive stickers for good behaviour and get to choose a prize from the special box if we do something really good.