Welcome to Class 1

Reception 2018-19

Welcome to Class 1, our class is the Reception class and we have just started school. In our class there are 16 of us. Our teacher is Miss Butterworth.  Mrs Rainsford is our learning assistant and the outdoor learning assistant is Miss Noble.


Our Classroom

In our class we love to learn all by ourselves we have lots of different areas in our class to play in and this helps us to become independent learners.

We like our classroom because it changes a lot and we have new activities everyday to help us learn new things.


Our Learning

Our classroom has a role play area we especially liked our Stable because we got to act out the story of the Nativity and this has helped us to write the story. We have writing and number areas to help us learn our letters and numbers. We also have a creative area where we get to use lots of different materials so we can make pictures and models.

We love playing in the sand and water tray and sometimes we have other things in the tray, we have especially enjoyed having green slime for the dinosaurs.

We have a smartboard and computer area which helps us to develop our ICT skills, we play on lots of different games and enjoy sharing different activities with our friends.

Every day we have lots of different activities in our classroom to help us with our learning. We also work with Miss Butterworth and Mrs Hardman everyday who help us with our learning.


Parent's Meeting September 2018

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File icon: pdf Class 1 Parents Meeting September 2018 [pdf 809KB] Click to download

Curriculum Information Sheets 2018-19

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File icon: pdf Class 1 Autumn 1 Curriculum Information Sheet [pdf 69KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Class 1 Autumn 2 Curriculum Information Sheet 2018 [pdf 74KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Class 1 Spring 1 Curriculum Information Sheet 2019 [pdf 59KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Class 1 Spring 2 Curriculum Information Sheet 2019 [pdf 63KB] Click to download

Class 1 Topic Resources 2018-19

Please click on the picture link to access resources to support our topics outlined in the Curriculum Information Sheets.

Rewards and Recognition

In our class we get stars for our good behaviour we are all in different houses and when we get a star we take it to our house, we try really hard to get stars because if our house gets the most stars at the end of the year we get to go on a trip.

If we are really good or try really hard with our work we get a sticker for our sticker charts, when we get 20 stickers we get to choose a prize from Miss Butterworth’s special prize box.


Outdoor Learning

We think learning outside is really important, we go outside everyday even if it is raining and we have lots of fun activities and resources to play with to help us learn.

We really like playing on the bikes and with the parachute.