Class 1 Gallery of Events 2021-22

Take a look at some of the great things we have been doing in Class 1.

UK Explorers - June 2022

We have been making hats for the queen, locating the four countries of the UK on a map and making UK Landmarks using the bricks.

Rebecca Adlington Visit - April 2022

On Thursday we were fortunate enough to have Rebecca Adlington (Olympic Swimming Gold Medalist) visit us. We learnt lots about her, including that she was 19 when she first went to the Olympics in Beijing and she retired when she was 23. She brought in her gold and bronze Olympic medals for us to look at, the children were fascinated by them. They were then given the opportunity to ask Rebecca questions. She spoke about how important it is to persevere, even if we feel like we want to give up if we are struggling with something. We feel very lucky that we were able to meet her!

Click to Download Rebecca Adlington C1 [pdf 295KB] Click to Download

World Book Day - March 2022

Subitising with numbers to 10 - March 2022

People Who Help Us - Fire Fighters Topic March 2022

Dressed as firefighters at Fireground.

Learning about old fire clothes at our trip to Fireground.

Working as a team to put the fire out.

Scotland Topic - March 2022

Cuddling Nessie.

The Loch Ness Monster - March 2022

Nessie art using bottle caps.

Look at what we have been doing in January...

Writing our sounds.

Writing our Phonics sounds using shaving foam, water and paintbrushes and chalks.

Writing numerals and finding one more and one less.

Using shaving foam to practise writing our new sounds.

Role Playing in the Doctors Surgery.

Playing in the snow!

Learning about Jesus and the Man Who Couldn't Walk.

Great acting skills!

Comparing numbers.

Acting out 'Jim and the Beanstalk'.

Decorating the Tree - December 2021

The children decorating the school Christmas tree, everyone brings a bauble and everyone takes a bauble home at the end of term. 

Christmas Maths - December 2021

Festive maths fun!

Reindeer Experience - December 2021

We have some of the children enjoying a reindeer experience at school, in which the children could meet the reindeers and learnt lots of facts about them! 

Fun Making Things - November 2021

Making our own laptops.

Making our own music.

Mixing colours with cars.

Goldilock and the Three Bears - October 2021

We have been learning all about the traditional tale 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'.  We have been making meals for the three bears in the bears cottage, our role play area, sorting the bowls into size order, solving bear puzzles and acting out the story.

Settling in to School - September 2021

We have been having fun in Class 1 exploring all the different areas of our classroom.  Reading books in the reading area and building a garage for our cars in the construction area.   They have also been making their own ice cream shop in the outdoor ares, practising their writing, sorting buttons into different categories and making number patterns with Numicon.